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north seattle industrial association

North Seattle Industrial Association: Partners in Economic Development

The North Seattle Industrial Association (NSIA) is the premier business organization for north Seattle maritime, manufacturing and industrial support businesses and its property owners.


For more than 20 years, NSIA has worked to ensure the economic viability of businesses, increase economic growth, provide gainful employment for our residents, and to be responsible members of our local communities, both socially and environmentally.


Our members are primarily located in the industrial areas of North Seattle in Lake Union, Fremont, Ballard and Interbay.


Today, Seattle’s maritime, fishing and industrial sectors have never been stronger. We create thousands of family wage jobs, provide a solid tax base and contribute immensely to our community and its quality of life.


From the historic Ballard Locks to Fishermen’s Terminal to Lake Union, hundreds of businesses are thriving. They are a critical part of what has made and will continue to make Seattle, Seattle.


Meeting the Challenge


Today, there are also significant government policy and regulatory issues that can impact a business and its ability to succeed.


That’s where NSIA can help your business. We can make a difference, thanks to our strong working relationship with all levels of government.


We have been the leading voice on issues such as the Shoreline Master Program Update, Viaduct redevelopment/tolls, Mercer Corridor development, Burke-Gilman bicycle trail, a new Ballard Bridge, homeless issues, Sound Transit service to the neighborhood, Port of Seattle development in Interbay, maintaining truck access on the Central Waterfront, the Freight Master Plan Update, City employee regulations and dozens of other important issues.


We look forward to working with you!

Eugene Wasserman, President

Eugene has served as the President of the North Seattle Industrial Association (NSIA) since January 2005. He currently also serves as the Executive Director of the Lake Union Association. Prior to these positions, Eugene was the Executive Director of the Neighborhood Business Council from 1981 through 2004.


Eugene received a Bachelor of Arts, Major Economics, degree from the University of Maryland College Park and earned a Masters in Urban Planning from City University of New York-Hunter College.


Phone: (206) 440-2660

E-mail: [email protected]

“Our business and property owners need a voice on transportation, land use, regulatory policies on business operation, and environmental issues that impact our industrial area. NSIA does exactly that.” – Suzie Burke, Fremont Dock Co.

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