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Construction Update

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If you have comments or questions about the Mercer Corridor Project, please
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Project and Construction Information




Construction Hotline: (206) 419-5818


For more information about project purpose, benefits, and other information, visit
our website at


If you need this information translated, please call (206) 733-9990.




Next Meeting

7:30 - 9 a.m.

June 27, 2017

Car Wash Enterprises

3977 Leary Way NW



7:30 Introductions


7:35 Updates: Eugene Wasserman


7:45 Seattle Pacific University Industrial Boundary Change.  Seattle Pacific University is proposing that the City rezone the BINMIC industrial boundary across from their campus. Their representative will be here to explain it.


8:20 Mayoral Candidate Jenny Durkan, who is the business supported candidate will meet with us to discuss why she is running for Mayor, and we will discuss our issues.


9:00 Adjourn

“Our business and property owners need a voice on transportation, land use, regulatory policies on business operation, and environmental issues that impact our industrial area. NSIA does exactly that.” – Suzie Burke, Fremont Dock Co.

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