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Lake Union Drydock

Lake Union Drydock Company is a full-service shipyard specializing in ship repair and in 2019 it is celebrating its 100th year of operation. 

The facilities cover more than 12 acres. Lake Union Drydock has two dry docks with capacity to lift vessels up to 6,000 tons, about 420 feet. They can also dry dock multiple vessels on the same drydock, so they are not limited to a large ship repair project.

In 1919, amidst a post-WWI economic slump, Otis Cutting and John McLean forged a partnership when together they purchased waterfront property on Lake Union and established Lake Union Drydock Company.

During Prohibition, rumrunners used fast boats to transport alcohol along “rum-lines” where they risked passage between ports in the western waters of both the USA and Canada. To address this challenge, the US Coast Guard commissioned Lake Union Drydock Company to construct fifteen, 75’ long, high-speed Patrol Boats, an effort that achieved Lake Union Drydock Company instant viability as well as accolades for the craft and quality of the vessels they built.

In 1946, Harry Jones, an attorney, and George H. Stebbins, a marine engineer, joined forces to purchase Lake Union Drydock Company, a union that would be followed by three subsequent generations.

Today, Lake Union Drydock Company vessel repairs includes; factory trawlers, longliners and catcher boats, deep sea and harbor tugs, barges, US Coast Guard ships including buoy tenders, medium and high endurance cutters and high-speed patrol craft, Washington State Ferries and regional high-speed passenger ferries, NOAA vessels, large yachts, and assorted commercial vessels.

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